Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How I Learned About Mosaic

I was introduced to MOSAIC by my colleague, Siti Rosina who previously attended the Summit in Doha, 2011. The moment she received the email calling for applicants to the 2013 programme, she urged me to apply immediately! It was such an anxious time to keep waiting for the outcome of the interview, and I was so thrilled upon receiving the good news in April. I have been counting down days since then and after receiving our flight tickets two days ago, it is finally happening!

Siti Rosina is a really good friend of mine and she has recently left the organisation we work in. I am quite sad that she will no longer be sitting next to me at work but I know she is going to do awesome things out there! What she has imparted on me from MOSAIC was the inspiration that you get to want to do more, for yourself, for your country. She has shared many stories of what her fellow delegates have done/achieved and I must say, it is nothing compared to what I have gone through or done.

Myself, Fadzrul & Siti Rosina

So I have found out that I am in Group 6 and from the profiles we have shared through emails, I can tell I will be working with delegates from amazing backgrounds! 

Till then! 

P.S. 4 days to gooooooo!! :)

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