Monday, September 9, 2013

Living out of your comfort zone!

Alhamdulillah we survived Day 1 (and the cold, wet London weather). We were priviliged to have Ms. Deema Bibi, CEO of Injaz and Baroness Warsi share their personal leadership journeys with the Mosaic delegates today. Some of the key points I got from their sessions are:

  1. Always question things, when you question you open the room for making improvements, changes.
  2. To go fast, you go go far, you go together/in a kindness is essential as it will help you in getting the support/help you need. 
  3.  Identify the limits that have been set for you (by yourself @ by others/environment) and find ways to overcome them. 
  4. Good leaders will open the paths to leadership for those around them..learn how to delegate & entrust others to take lead roles.
  5. Learn to laugh/be positive about difficulties/hurdles you face..part of being a leader is accepting the fact that there will be hard times & that they can be overcome.

As female leaders, both speakers definitely inspired the female delegates & gave us the courage to know that yes, it is possible to assume leadership roles & manage your family at the same time.

We also had our first group session today & networked with other delegates over a delicious dinner at a local Turkish restaurant. The new things we are learning about each other's country/culture is amazing.. Highlight of the night was learning that women in Bangladesh get 6 months of maternity leave! Amazing! :)

In the beautiful campus of the Royal Old Naval College, Uni of Greenwich

Till the next post! :)

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